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Frogg3r 07-14-14 09:30 PM

Help identifying Sun Model
Newbie to the forum. Just picked up my first cruiser off of Craigslist. All the markings just say "Sun". Can anyone tell me what model it is? Thanks!

bicyclridr4life 07-22-14 04:04 PM

nice bike. I'm not sure if Sun had/has a model name for their cruisers. You can do a quick websearch for miami sun bicycles.

Wblynch 10-17-14 06:33 PM

It looks like my Sun Retro Cruiser. Mine doesn't have fenders but it does have a chain guard. Seems like an ok bike.

No, I,just looked. The frame geometries are all different. Yours is way cooler,more stretched out.

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