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curtiseddie 10-09-15 08:51 AM

Water on thru axle
I pulled my thru axle out just because I wanted to play with it and practice using it (my bike is new and I am accustomed to QR). When I did, I found beads of water on it. I don't really like that. I wiped it off and lightly greased it and replaced it. Should I be concerned? Now when I ride in rain or through a low water crossing I'm going to be worried that I need to remove the wheels and let the hubs and axes dry out.

Andrew R Stewart 10-09-15 10:11 AM

Probably no more concerned then having water on one's QR skewer. Which happens all the time. The best solution for water getting into things is periodic taking apart, cleaning and relubing. Especially after a wet ride.

Yesterday I did a tune up on a mountain bike which spends it's time out of a structure much of it's life. Water dripped out of it's headset as I rotated the bike on the work stand. The rider says he never rides in the rain but the bike has been rained on during it's down time. Besides the drain out I allowed I pulled the seat post, found it dry (poor original assembly not doubt by this and other aspects I found), then coated it with grease. The rider didn't want to approve any more internal service due to cost. Andy.

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