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mornview 01-18-16 12:54 PM

Sturmey Archer B2C rebuild
I'm looking to take apart and rebuild a Sturmey Archer B2C kickback hub; there appears to be absolutely zero information on the internet about rebuilding this hub. I have to imagine somebody has rebuilt one of these (or the S2C, which I can't imagine is any different). If you have rebuilt one of these, I'm just looking for any pointers you can give; what type of grease you used, any potential headaches to look out for, etc.

Several sites say Sturmey Archer based their design on the old F&S Duomatic hub; there is a great tutorial on overhauling the Duomatic here, and I am curious if they are identical enough that I can just follow those instructions.

Now, I know some will ask why I am rebuilding the hub; many will say not to touch it if it's working fine, but I want to go ahead and do it for educational purposes. I feel much more at ease riding a hub if I know what's going on in there, and that I can in fact fix it if the need arises. Overhauling a AW hub made me that much more of a fan of the hub :). Plus I'm a big proponent of preventative maintenance.

Thanks for any help :).

Londonsworld 11-26-19 08:12 AM

Did you ever figure this out?

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