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brian_h 06-08-16 10:10 AM

Kool Stop brake pads with 105
Hi all,
I'm new to this forum. I'm wondering if anyone else has installed "Kool Stop Bicycle Brake Pads (Dura-Ace/Ultegra)" on 105 brake calipers? I tried the other day and it seems like the nut/bolt was too wide to fit through the slot.
These are the pads I purchased:
I thought that they'd work despite not having "105" in the title, but now I'm not so sure. I read somewhere that another guy with the same problem filed the slot wider and used an extra washer to make them work. Are there any other suggestions out there?

fietsbob 06-08-16 10:25 AM

I have KS Salmon Dura 2 on my brakes made with holders Interchangeable with the Shimano 105/ultegra / etc..

The screw in the holder is backed out you slip the pad in and screw the set screw back in ,

it's there so the pad won't slip out the back, if the brakes are applied

in a situation like keeping the bike from slipping back down hill by braking when you are walking it up that hill

I patronize my LBS rather than amazon, If You do that the shop will show you, in person, how to do It. :thumb:

FBinNY 06-08-16 01:28 PM

Kool Stop makes a number of shoes, some of which are specific replacements, some close but no cigar.

If buying complete holder + insert shoes, you need to be sure to buy the Shimano version because the Campy won't fit. Or if you still have the original 105 shoes, you can save money by buying only the inserts (for Shimano road).

The one piece molded road shoes should all fit because they use a plain 6mm stud and nut.

Crankycrank 06-08-16 04:26 PM

They should work in all 105 calipers as far as I know, no filing nec. Does the package say it's for Shimano? Possibly they sent you the Campy version.

Jean_TX 06-10-16 01:56 PM

If your 105's are old (like mine), some newer pads may have too large a bolt to fit through the slot. I had this problem with my 1998 105's when I tried unsuccessfully to fit new Koolstops like you mentioned (and also new Shimano pads). I finally surrendered and filed the slots a bit wider.

Litespeedlouie 06-10-16 02:24 PM

I also had to file out my 80s-90s vintage Ultegras to get Kool Stops to fit.

DasPirate 06-11-16 05:58 PM

I use the Dura 2 inserts in my original 105 5500 holders. They fit perfectly.

HillRider 06-12-16 06:36 AM

Originally Posted by Litespeedlouie (Post 18835660)
I also had to file out my 80s-90s vintage Ultegras to get Kool Stops to fit.

I also had to file out the same brakes to get the Kool Stop holders to fit. The amount of material I had to remove was quite small and I filed from the "trailing edge" of the slot to keep the full thickness in the load bearing direction. They've been working fine for decades since.

Litespeedlouie 06-12-16 11:25 AM

Now that I looked, my calipers had small steel inserts in each slot that I had to file. I marked the approximate area to file out and used a rattail file to make smooth dips. I was too lazy to make the full slots wider. The steel was pretty tough and it took a fair amount of time to do all 8 inserts for one bike. A Dremel might help. I figured using a drill would be a disaster; it'd probably just catch, distort the inserts, and be off center. This was Shimano Ultegra/600 from 1989. Adjusting the Kool Stops is a little trickier as they have a dome washer that allows total positional movement. Still using it every day as a commuter.

brian_h 06-12-16 11:35 AM

Thanks all. I double-checked the package, and it was Shimano. Since others seemed to have a similar experience of needing to file, that's what I did. Like HillRider said, it was an extremely small amount that needed to be filed off. I should have mentioned initially that this is an early 90's bike. Perhaps that would have been relevant information for some of you.

thanks again!

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