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Eddie72 04-15-17 08:13 AM

Chasing creaks
I like my bikes silent, so I'm forever chasing down the causes of creaks. I just solved a creak that took me ages to track down. It was a creak every pedal stoke when standing on the pedals. I tried all the usual dismantling/cleaning/greasing of bottom bracket/cranks/quick releases/pedals/chain ring bolts but the creak remained. Despite everything I know about how creaks travel around bike tubes I was absolutely convinced the creak was coming from the bottom bracket area. Finally in desperation I adjusted the headset: creak gone. When will I ever learn :bang:

PedalingFool 04-15-17 08:22 AM

I fix my bike creaks like my car creaks...
By turning the music up louder :D

Eric S. 04-15-17 12:53 PM

I had a creak in my old De Rosa; pulled pedals, greased threads. Removed chainring bolts, lubed threads.

Ended up being the cartridge BB...hadn't had it out in a long time and grease on those threads shut things up.

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