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Falcon3 06-05-17 11:16 PM

Miche hub race rotates?
I was servicing an old pair of Miche low-flange hubs today. Wiping out the front hub races, I noticed that one of them rotates independent of the hub and dust cap. The rear hub doesn't do this, nor does the other side of the front hub. Is this thing toast? The one race rotates so smoothly, it feels like it's got its own bearings somewhere.

JohnDThompson 06-06-17 07:28 AM

The race should be firmly attached to the hub shell. If it is not, the steel race will eventually erode the aluminum shell, and the shell may fail. I would use something like Loctite 609 bearing mount adhesive to secure the race in the shell.

Falcon3 06-06-17 08:49 AM

I hadn't realized the races were that tenuously attached. The cones are already toast, so I'm going to say the hub is shot given the expense of replacing them and the race having come loose.

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