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ALSMITH90 10-21-17 08:02 AM

Alex AT 450 Rim Question
Need help in determining how wide a tire can be mounted on Alex AT 450 rim. Can I mount 700x40?

Iride01 10-21-17 11:21 AM

I guess you are asking two slightly different questions, but I addressed both in the other thread

I don't know the exact answer though.

maddog34 10-21-17 01:51 PM

1) 28mm max.... 32mm would be too wide, but i'm sure some have done that mistake and lived.

2) no.

Jiggle 10-22-17 07:17 AM

I'm running 40mm WTB Nanos tubeless on XR200 rims right now, inner dimension is like 13mm, at like 18 psi.

Works fine.

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