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deacon mark 11-29-17 08:38 PM

Tektro v brake
I replacing a v brake Tektro Oryx and I bought a Tektro 510. They have same reach and look almost same. Do you think 510 will work just has well? They are easy to google pictures so could anyone give me a read what they think?

rhenning 11-30-17 07:24 AM

It should. Why are you replacing the Oryx? Roger

HillRider 11-30-17 08:05 AM

I agree, why did you replace the Oryx if you only expect the replacement to just work as well? What do you want to gain?

deacon mark 11-30-17 08:53 AM

The rear adjustment spring broke.

HillRider 11-30-17 08:55 AM

Originally Posted by deacon mark (Post 20023311)
The rear adjustment spring broke.

Well, in that case, the new one should work a lot better. :)

fietsbob 11-30-17 09:52 AM

brakes are levers they have measured lengths

the ratio of overall length : and pivot to pad distance influence the cable pull demand.

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