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im2smart4u 12-02-17 12:28 PM

New Here - Replacing Shifter Question
I am new here and I have a problem with my shifter. I have an old Look bike that I bought at a pawnshop around 10 yrs ago. Lately, when I try to downshift, the lever sometimes doesn't catch and I have to try several times or hold forward pressure to get it to shift. This is highly annoying when I need to shift. I looked into a replacement, but Shimano only makes compatible shifters in their lower lines. What should I do? Also, anything else I should replace? I replaced the wheels and drop bars a few years ago.
Frame - Look KG 233 Brain Tube Steel
Shifters - Tiagra Flightdeck (4300 or 4400?)
Front Derailer - Sora FD3304
Rear Derailer - 105 RD5500
Crank - Tiagra 4400/4403
Brakes - BR3300
Wheels - Shimano R500
Gears - Front 52/42/30 Rear 12-25

sch 12-02-17 01:24 PM

presumed that you are talking about the rear derailler and not the front, 9spd? Easiest to fix would be a frayed cable inside the brifter.
Just replace the cable, and the other shifter cable while you are at it. Shifter could be gunky: best again to remove the cable and
spray innards of shifter with WD40 or a very light oil and work the shifter back and forth up and down its range. With luck the lubing
will work. Before doing this, after removing cable, pull on the shifter a little to open it up (as though braking) and run the shifter up
and down looking for bits of junk in the mechanism. Relube shifter with light oil. If it works all good. If not you may need a new
shifter. Check the derailler for full range of motion manually. Sometimes a bad housing will interfere with shifting if the previous
efforts don't help. Any Shimano shifter in the range you want will be good, lower level shifters have been upgraded and will perform
very well if you don't want to change the cassette to a higher # of cogs.

fietsbob 12-02-17 03:36 PM

other than replace the cable, and flush and re lube it, since they are internally complicated, you buy a new shifter-brake lever.

get one with the same 'speeds'/cog count number on the rear cassette.

10 years ago has been a long time in the competitive world of companies pushing for more speeds in their rival product lines..

8 & 9 speed gave been superseded, by 10 & 11 and soon 12 speeds..

try asking at a bike shop, they get repair parts for older bikes

the big online shops push the latest stuff , there wheel - hub and the whole drive-train have to be replaced... big money..


im2smart4u 12-02-17 07:50 PM

If I replace my shifters, I was wanting at least Tiagra level, maybe 105. The new ones at that level are 10 speed though, so I don't think they will work. Well, I saw a Taigra or 105 triple on Amazon, but the right shifter is 10 spd so wouldn't work. I don't want non-matching shifters, but I don't want to have to change everything. I also refuse to go to a double up front. In my shape and location, I need that granny gear on the hills.
Also, should I change the front Derailer? It is the lowest lvl component other than the brakes, and it doesn't shift great anyway. If so, which one should I get? Front derailers seem fairly cheap.

DOS 12-02-17 10:38 PM

Defitnitely try the cable replacement/degunking route. But if the shifter is shot, for 9 speed replacement, ebay is gonna be your best bet. I wouldn't worry about tne front derailleur, assuming its functional. FDs are pretty simple mechanisms, not alot differentiates the levels.

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