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clarkri 06-12-05 06:44 AM

broken rear derrailler
I bought my son a 500 dollar bike three weeks ago. Yesterday we were both out cycling and all of a sudden his bike ground to a halt. The rear derrailler had snapped off (the frame has a recess with connector to the derrailler) and wrapped itself into the spokes. The bike had had no knocks and the piece broke across the drilled hole for the spindle. To me it was obvious that it was a faulty piece but I was amazed by the shop reaction which was that they were not responsible.
Surely, this cannot be so.

Retro Grouch 06-12-05 07:06 AM

Yeah, that doesn't sound right to me either but then I haven't seen the bike. Stick with it. My advice is to stay firm but be polite. In most cases your warranty claim is with the bicycle manufacturer, not the bike shop. My personal experience has been that all of the major manufacturers commonly exceed their actual legal responsibilities so, if the facts are actually as you have stated, I think you're in good shape.

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