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Wharf Rat 03-03-18 09:21 AM

Wheels make noise when wet?
My fun bike, a Koga Miyata, with the original Koga wheelset makes some weird noises after I ride through puddles, or even soaked grass. It sounds like the spokes pinging, and v brakes rubbing at the same time. 60 seconds later when dry, back to silence. Any ideas? Iím fairly certain itís coming from the front wheel. Could it be temperature difference with the cold water?

fietsbob 03-03-18 09:42 AM

wet street

Iride01 03-03-18 11:22 AM

Water changes sound waves. So what's to say? You might be hearing sounds that are always there, but absorbed by normal riding surface but is reflected by the wet surface. Or the water splashing up into your spokes is making them ping.

Just don't ride in the wet if it's something that troubles your mind.

fietsbob 03-03-18 11:36 AM

" .. And the whispering brushes of wet radials on wet pavement,

from Tom Waits

Wharf Rat 03-03-18 11:36 AM

Thanks for the suggestions, but I can’t leave well enough alone. I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually. I’m gonna check spoke tension and oil the crossings & see what happens.

jasnooks 03-04-18 09:09 AM

Road debris sticks to wet tires more than dry tires.
Maybe it's small pieces of gravel being thrown up from the front tire, and pinging the down tube.

Crankycrank 03-04-18 09:16 AM

Does the bike have fenders? Often wet tires pickup road junk which can rub the fenders as it passes through them causing the sounds described.

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