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Tim O 03-04-18 09:32 AM

Powerway R13 OLD oversize?
Bought some used wheels, cheap and cheerful, 50mm carbon rims and power way hubs. Decided to fit new bearings to the rear R13 rear hub, easy enough, but afterwards, just out of curiosity, I measured the OLD and it measure 132.5mm, which I found a little odd.

I've just measured a Bitex RAR12 and it comes in at 130.2mm, much as expected. Fulcrum Zero also 130mm.

I'm not too bothered, wheel centres correctly, just a little surprised. Is this normal? Anyone seen this before?

There's a 1mm washer between the free hub and drive side hub bearing. I'm guessing it's so the end cap have something to clamp onto without loading up the bearings, but it could be thinner (0.25/0.5mm shim, maybe). Is this 1.0mm spacer/washer correct?

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