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spectastic 03-04-18 01:53 PM

Shimano 8 speed Claris rear derailleur with 10 speed bar end shifter SL-BS78 or 79
my bar end shifting road bike has 8 speed drive train right now. I'm thinking about changing to 10 speed, considering I might be using it for competitive group rides from now on, and the larger step changes between them are very noticeable to me. Ideally, I'd just get a pair of 10 speed bar end shifters to replace the existing 8 speed. I'm wondering if I also need to replace the 8 speed claris derailleur too. that thing has been pretty good to me, is cheap, and has a large chain wrap capacity, and I'd like to keep it. it's a beater bike after all, and I'm trying to keep the cost low on this thing

anyone know about this? pull ratio of a 10s shimano bar end shifter vs an 8 speed claris rear derailleur?

SkyDog75 03-04-18 02:00 PM

Before Tiagra 4700 came along, 10-speed pull ratio was the same as 8-speed. I think your Claris derailleur would play OK paired with Shimano 10-speed shifters (other than 4700) and a 10-speed cassette.

CliffordK 03-04-18 02:01 PM

I think you're fine as long as you don't mix Tiagra 10 (4700) parts with 8s and 9s parts.

spectastic 03-04-18 02:04 PM

cool thanks guys

spectastic 03-04-18 02:23 PM

hang on. the bar end shifters I'm looking at are dura ace sl-bs78. as I understand, they did something completely different with dura ace back in the day, or was that just with the 8 or 9 speed stuff?

CliffordK 03-04-18 03:03 PM

I think that was 6s to early 8s Dura Ace.

For the newer Dura Ace, it follows with the rest of the Shimano parts.

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