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Gerry221 03-07-18 10:28 AM

New Wheels
I currently ride my Ridley Aedon 605A, with the original wheels. I bought this bike for 120. Thought it was a great bike at that price. I also have a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 with a set of wheels, hand built by Big Al at Wheelcraft. These are excellent wheels. I also have the original Bianchi wheels.

Got me thinking about an extra set for my Ridley, in case of any damage to one son it, which are 4ZA.

I was looking at these on Ebay, was hoping if anyone could enlighten if they are any good as a backup?

I am pretty new to cycling scene and not fully up to speed with what is quality, even a bargain "quality" and what is just crap!

Cheers guys!

fietsbob 03-07-18 11:53 AM

Ask your nearest Bike shop proprietor to show you what you get when you spend more money..

Pre built wheels are a thing now, I build My Own.. so picked rim, hub & spokes separately..

in the shop, here, typical customer just wants to keep going, touring the coast, or off on single track in the woods..

there are wheels built at the distributor level, so they have a lower cost on their parts, and a production machine, saving labor..

usually adequate.. you can get them built with more expensive parts too,,

maintenance truing checking on a wheel you get in a shop, may be included, not so on an ebay buy.


ThermionicScott 03-07-18 11:05 PM

I'd hang on to your money and just ride. Good wheels shouldn't need lots of backups.

Selicate 03-08-18 06:49 AM

You didn't mention the model years for your bikes, but as far as I can tell both of them came with Shimano groups and the stock wheels would be cross compatible. You can use the original Bianchi wheels (or even your handbuilts) on the Ridley, just swap on an appropriate cassette.

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