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joesch 03-08-18 07:39 AM

1985 Schwinn Traveler Bottom Bracket ?
I recently purchased a 1985 Schwinn Traveler that has Bottom Bracket that does not spin smoothly. Probably a bad or damaged ball bearing since rotation has a catch/hitch. I suspect it will just need bearing replacements. Anyone know if a sealed BB can just be used as a replacement ? Maybe easier if there is cone damage as well ?

FYI - Its a nice lugged steel cromo frame with a new powder coat paint job

rhenning 03-08-18 08:33 AM

Yes it is a simple English BB so a sealed can be found to replace it. You will have to measure your BB for size. Roger

SkyDog75 03-08-18 10:46 AM

Yep, like rhenning said, an English-threaded 68 mm cartridge bottom bracket will fit the frame.

...but bottom brackets need to fit the frame and have the right spindle length for the crankset. If you determine you’re going to replace the bottom bracket when you pull it apart to clean and inspect it, measure the spindle length and size the replacement accordingly. And along with the overall length, you may want to check the original spindle for symmetry. When your bike was built, it was common for cranksets to be designed around asymmetric spindles that were a few mm longer on the drive side. If necessary, you can use spacers under the drive side flange of most cartridge bottom brackets to match your original spindle’s asymmetry.

dsbrantjr 03-08-18 12:22 PM

New paint job, eh? Could the BB shell threads have some paint in them, causing them to be cocked? If it is a cup and cone type BB it might run smoothly with a cleaning, lube and adjustment. Too-tight adjustment can cause catching or cogging.

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