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Classaroll 03-09-18 08:12 AM

20 Hole Hub Options
Hi all. I've Landed myself a pair of Mavic FORE drilled rims (Like the krysrium) with a hole count of 20, originally spec'ed on some XC wheels for a rim brake mountain bike (so they're old). They don't appear to have been ridden much as indicated by the lack of major ovalization of the spoke holes. I was thinking since the rear hub has a lockring stuck on it, I'll build some XC wheels for my 1999 Trek 6000 using the rims. Trouble is that I can't find hubs with 20 drillings front and rear with OLDs of 100/135mm. Am I best off taking some road hubs and changing out the axle, or searching the Internet for suitable hubs?

Mr IGH 03-09-18 08:29 AM

Road Hubs

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