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Misterer 03-10-18 09:45 AM

Removing rear hub end caps (Mavic Allroad Pro)
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I've just bought an Allroad Pro wheelset and I want to convert the rear hub from 12x142 to 10x135 configuration. I bought the 10x135 adapters (highlighted in red in the attached image, it's a section of Mavic manual) and I need to remove the original endcaps. I tried pulling them by hand but they don't move at all and I'm afraid of damaging something by using too much force. What is the correct procedure to remove the endcaps? Anyone knows? Couldn't find anything on Mavic site about this.

Mr IGH 03-10-18 03:39 PM

Here's a few videos, not sure if they help. On my DT wheelset it takes a little jarring to break the O-ring free and change the axle cap:

Misterer 03-27-18 09:52 AM

I contacted Mavic support and it's as easy as removing the freehub by hand (just pull it off). After that, the endcap will be very easy to remove.

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