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cthenn 03-10-18 04:09 PM

Ultegra 8000 cassette compatible with 6800 derailleur?
Simple question, just want to confirm that a Shimano Ultegra 8000 series cassette will be compatible with 6800 series components? Want to run a 11-30 cassette, but it doesn't look like that is an option in 6800. Perhaps I have to get a 8000 series chain to work with it, or will a 6800 chain work as well? Thanks!

wgscott 03-10-18 04:39 PM

Yes, it is backward-compatible.

sch 03-11-18 10:13 AM

You are over thinking this. Cassettes don't care about RD/shifter
and not much about chains. Personally I use 10spd KMC chains on
my 11spd cassettes (shimano or SRAM), mostly because a bought a bunch for $12
each 10yrs ago, they work fine.

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