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355Mono 03-10-18 08:00 PM

RS505: Poor shifting going to smaller rear cog
Just got a 2016 Fuji Tread for off season neighborhood workout rides. Very happy with the bike, but will be taking it back for a look at the rear shifter. The throw is long, and unresponsive. Terrible for a 105 level. Is the a "new normal"? Can the sloppiness be tightened up? The discs are hydraulic, but are the cables for shifting gears also hydraulic? Do the cables allow for adjustments? This could be a deal breaker for me, even for casual workout rides. Would an upgrade to the Ultegra level (685?) help? The bike was a great value for my needs. I have Di2 on my Kestrel. But, I've certainly had manual shifters for decades. What's up?

Andrew R Stewart 03-10-18 08:29 PM

More info please. Was the bike new from a shop when you bought it? If used, how much used up? Has the bike ever seen servicing since new?

Your problems could be wear related (chain, pulleys and teeth), incident related (bent hanger, twisted cage) or set up related.

You have the bike so you can see if the shifters use metal cables, wires or liquid filled lines. I suspect you have metal cables. Upgrading will solve a few of the possibilities all at once, if a skilled and motivated wrench does the work. New chain, cassette, shifter, der (and pulleys) and cables that are well installed and tuned will undoubtedly work well. Andy

355Mono 03-10-18 08:58 PM

Thanks. It's a brand new bike. It probably was assembled, and not dialed in (if that's even possible). Yes, standard cables for shifting. Same set up as so many bikes out there. Hard to believe everyone is putting up with poor shifting. One reviewer of this bike expressed a similar complaint. No way to learn if it was dealt with. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

jwh20 03-10-18 09:10 PM

I'm going with mis-adjustment. The 105 groupset is first rate IMHO. I have a 105 in that vintage as well as an Ultegra, both work flawlessly and it can't say that I can tell the difference while riding. I think the Ultegra saves a few grams but not much beyond that.

355Mono 03-10-18 09:31 PM

Hope you're right! Certainly makes sense. I'm wondering if it wasn't dialed in because Performance had to price match their own sister company, Nashbar. They have always given me top notch service though. I really like this shop. Feels like a stretched cable. Hope the deal wasn't too good to be true! Still felt good to get out and ride on a balmy 37 degree day!

cny-bikeman 03-11-18 06:34 AM

As only spring tension pulls the cable when shifting to the small cogs, the #1 reason for slow shifting to the small cogs is cable/housing friction.

355Mono 03-11-18 05:42 PM

Small barrel adjustment, and much improved. I will say wearing gloves for cold weather, doesn't make for accurate shifts either. A flat bar bike with trigger shifters works better with gloved hands. The feel of the shift levers still feel waggely to me. Wouldn't want these on my road bike though. I'm still quite happy with the Tread overall, as an off season, all road bike.

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