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mraeryceos 03-11-18 02:25 AM

Dura Ace 9100 pulleys
Can you use oversized pulleys on a 9100 dura ace derailleur? What will fit? A 12 toothed pulley? A 13 toothed pulley? What about a 7800, 7900, or 9000 derailleur?

rhenning 03-11-18 06:44 AM

Why do you want larger pulleys? Dura Ace is generally very good right out of the box. Roger

mraeryceos 03-11-18 07:38 AM

Just novelty. Supposedly less friction, but I'd think they look nice.

Davet 03-11-18 08:44 AM

I know you won’t be able to use 12t pulleys on 7800 and 7900 derailleurs. Not enough room for the larger wheel and chain to fit and clear the tabs on the der cage.

Not sure about the 9000.

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