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FordTrax 09-20-18 04:52 AM

What Size Front Thru Axle - 12mm vs 15mm - to future proof bike?
I am building an "all road" bike that will run 700c x say 40mm tires. The frame requires a 12mm x 142mm rear. The question is what thru axle is best for the fork - most can come 15mm x 100mm or 12mm x 100mm.

Should I go with 12mm since that is what the rear takes. My road bike also takes a 12mm x 100mm so I would but using the same axle size just for standardization.

Or is the 15mm becoming the new standard for front thru axles?

masi61 09-20-18 05:24 AM

I think 12mm is becoming the new standard for road through axle. You are running 40mm tires though. I think there might be cyclocross and 29er forks with 15mm through axle that are designed to handle the increased wheel clearance you need. I’m building a max 28mm disc frame/fork up and there are clearance issues with the lockring and my White Industries CLD front hub rubbing on my inner fork leg. The fork is a Columbus Futura 12 mm through axle. When I use the low profile “road” lockring that comes with the brake rotor, the axle is too big in diameter (even though is is 12 mm) to allow me to get the splined HG lockring tool in there - this has really stalled my build.
As for future proofing - I keep hearing that 12 mm is what the industry is settling on, but as I said: the selection of aftermarket 12mm through axle disc forks is a bit limited right now.

HillRider 09-20-18 05:44 AM

Future proof? You're kidding right?

Elvo 09-20-18 08:58 AM

15mm will let you run 29/27.5 MTB wheelsets which are rather plentiful and often very cheap. I've bought a few sub 1700 wheelsets for $200 while the same thing in 12mm road would be at least $350+. Worst case is you buy a $10 15mm to 12mm adapter

cpach 09-20-18 11:10 AM

Neither is likely to go away. Currently most new bikes are shipping with 12x100mm for road/gravel and 15x110 for MTB, with 20x110 becoming more popular for longer travel trail bikes this year. So if anything 12x100 may be more common going forward than 15x100mm. I'd pick the fork I liked better for its other merits. The upsides regarding wheel selection is that most new products targeting road gravel will be 12x100, but if you pick 15x100 you'll probably be able to get some great deals on XC 29er wheelsets that will work great on a gravel/allroad bike.

reptilezs 09-20-18 07:46 PM

just get a hub that can convert between 12 and 15 but the drop bar disc market is stabilizing at 12mm

Paul Barnard 09-21-18 05:09 AM

Originally Posted by HillRider (Post 20576092)
Future proof? You're kidding right?

You beat me to it. There will always be new and "better."

fietsbob 09-21-18 08:58 AM

& begin your OCD therapy sooner rather than later .. :rolleyes:

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