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Trainer tire damage.

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Trainer tire damage.

Hello everyone.
Unfortunately new users can not submit images so I will have to use words.

There is a horizontal cut in my trainer tire right about where it touches the rim hook. So that part doesnt really come in contact with the trainer, and the trainer is smooth anyway nothing that would cause that kind of damage. The tire itself is the red Vittorio tire but the cut is marked in black and black line radiates left and right away from it, which also confuses me a little bit, because if the tire moved on the rim wouldnt the markings only go to one side, opposite to the rotation?
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It sounds like you are describing a rip in the carcass parallel to the hook bead. On the road this is a fatal defect to the tire as they
tend to propagate and the tube will herniate through the rip easily and blow out. On a trainer the risk to the rider is less but the
result will be the same. This is an unfortunate failure mode in tires for which there is little recourse. Trainer had nothing to do with it.
Best to replace the tire., especially if the tube is visible through the rip.
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The only possible way, that I think of, that trainer use contributed to a casing tear/cut is from the tire being too tightly pressed into the roller. As in the roller was pushed against the tire more then best. Trainers that use a roller are well known to be harder on tires then road/trail use is. (And it is for this reason that car tire companies use rollers for their testing, wear and failures come at a much faster rate then using a flat treadmill type machine). With too much roller pressure the casing suffers a lot of flexing, much more then when used on a flat surface.

I tell my customers to set their roller pressures so that when steady state pedaling there's no roller/tire slippage. But when accelerating hard some slippage will happen, and disappear after the speed up stops.

I've seen tires really trashed quickly from poor trainer use habits. Andy
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There is one aspect of a potential blowout that will be more harmful to you than if that same blowout happened on the road. Your ears. And your pets' ears. I was in the kitchen when a tire blew in my garage. It sounded like a 22.

That said, I use old tires and tires I don't like for the trainer. (I keep a 2nd wheel with a cheap steel QR and a racing cluster - say a 12-23 as my trainer wheel. If that wheel needs a re-build and hub work, that's just fine. Steel QR so it is plenty strong for the trainer attachment and I don't care if it gets scarred.)

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Misadjusted brake dragging on the tire?
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