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marcomar982 03-18-19 10:01 AM

650b on BMC Roadmachine 02 Two
Hello, I recently ordered a 2018 BMC 02 Two on a big "last item" discount.
According to BMC specs, the bike should be able to fit up to 30mm tires (I read of folks being able to squeeze in 32mm on some forum) which should be fine for road riding and some smoother dirt road too.
Let say I wanted to mount thicker tires to be able to handle rougher terrains, has anyone any experience with mounting on this bike smaller diameter wheels (e.g. 650b) with larger (e.g. 35-38mm) tires?
Thank you very much for your attention :)

jimc101 03-18-19 11:27 AM

2018 BMC 02 Two is vague, as a Google search brings back MTB's and TT bikes, road bikes, without knowing exactly the model, who knows what you have ordered.

On the basis that it's a road bike, and you want to put mid-size tires 35-38mm on, thinking that dropping down to 650B will be irrelevant, as the seatstays will be the deciding factor, and would be surprised if you can get that wide in them on a road bike, even with a smaller wheel size.

There is plenty online about using 650b on a 700c bike, and it does involve compromise, i.e. best to by a bike designed for it, rather than getting one to mod, just because it's cheap/reduced.

For what you asking to do, you can ride smooth dirt on 23mm slicks with no issues, if you're looking at 'rougher' terrain, what do you mean by rough? unpaved roads, 28mm will be ok.

AnkleWork 03-18-19 12:14 PM

Why not just get a frame that will accept the tires/wheels/components you want?

MattTheHat 03-19-19 02:17 PM

Originally Posted by AnkleWork (Post 20843379)
Why not just get a frame that will accept the tires/wheels/components you want?

I'm going to go out on a limb and answer to save the cost of the frame?


blakcloud 03-19-19 08:36 PM

I don't have experience with that bike but I think the stumbling block is the carbon fiber fork. Not so much with the height but the width. The fork blades tend to be quite wide and limit the size of tire you can fit. I am only speculating here so take it for what is worth. From what I have read on other conversions the best is 32 mm in 650b in most carbon stock forks.

Worst case scenario is if it doesn't fit you still have a fantastic bike that you got a deal on, so congratulations on your new purchase!

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