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Hexington11 04-18-19 08:18 PM

Rear tire rubbing inquiry
Hi. I'm new to working on my bike. And I can't get my rear tire to stop rubbing on my frame.

Everything was working fine until I replaced the old cassette for a brand new one. The rear tire did rub a bit before but only when I take a hard sharp turn around a berm or something.

I've checked YouTube and other posts but can't seem to find the right fit for the problem nor the solution. Also, the tire rub does not exist when it's on the repair stand.

This is a 2nd hand bike and my first time taking the rear wheel off. It was my intention to change the cassette for safety and ride ability. I was able to use the rear suspension, manual, pump etc without the tire rubbing but now I can't even stand on it without it eventually rubbing. I can't pump, can't engage my rear suspension etc.

The tire isn't completely true'd but it was like that when I got it and the wobble isn't terrible

What has happened? I am stumped and would love to figure this out on my own rather than taking it to a bike shop. Thanks in advance.

berner 04-19-19 05:40 AM

I can think of two possibilities off hand. The most likely is uneven spoke tension so that some spokes, being looser, are not contributing to maintaining the rim straight. It pays to check spoke tension on a fairly frequent basis; say every few weeks. The other possibility is that the cups and cones, (the actual surfaces for the ball bearings) have somehow loosened. If you turn the bike upside down, try to jiggle the wheel. If you get a rattle-like motion the cups and cones need to be tightened a bit, say 1/4 turn of the nuts on the axel.

Lemond1985 04-19-19 06:02 AM

Make 9 more posts and attach a photo. I assume the side of the tire is rubbing on the seatstay? Could be any number of things.

shelbyfv 04-19-19 06:15 AM

If you are compelled to ride a full suspension bike like you do a kid's bmx bike, things can go wrong. Maybe get a smaller tire,

Iride01 04-19-19 08:29 AM

Where is it rubbing? Seat tube, chainstays or backstays?? How much clearance when wheel is off the ground and no force on it?

Hexington11 04-19-19 09:32 AM

I'll take pictures and post them. It's a challenge because it's not an obvious tire rub. It is rubbing the bottom right side (I think) and thought it was actually the front derailleur, but I've since removed that. I also thought it was one of the zip ties that are holding the rear derailleur cables, which actually helped with some of the noise.

I get on it and it doesnt rub but once I put force to the rear tire, then it starts rubbing and it will not stop. But if I lift my rear tire, it resets it. But it eventually runs again. So, because if ridden it before without issues, I dont think it's a tire width issue. Also, I made sure the wheel is properly in the drops etc.

I'll check all the recommendations, thank you for the responses! I'll post pics and see if I can illustrate it better.

Iride01 04-19-19 09:52 AM

Rim brakes? Could be rubbing on one of the pads when weight on bike. A quick check would be to activate the quick release if the brakes have such or use the adjusment screw to open them up much wider then riding briefly someplace where you can safely stop with just the front brake or none at all.

woodcraft 04-19-19 10:01 AM

Broken axle?

blakcloud 04-19-19 10:29 AM

Originally Posted by woodcraft (Post 20891660)
Broken axle?

Now that is an answer I would never have guessed. Smart thinking!

Andrew R Stewart 04-19-19 11:22 AM

Originally Posted by woodcraft (Post 20891660)
Broken axle?

This is the first thing I thought of. Andy

Hexington11 04-19-19 01:11 PM

I don't think it's a broken axle? But, I could be wrong. The wheel itself seeme fine aside from needing a little tensioning. That could very well be the answer. It's just odd that it was completely fine until I changed the cassette. Then it started rubbing but it doesnt show up on the stand. Also. That I can ride it around just fine without rubbing. But once I turn or try to manual or put force through the rear wheel, it runs and the rubbing persists. It's also not a intermittent rub which would suggest that the wheels need to be true'd. It completely stays in the rubbing position until I lift my bike wheel or get off the bike. Did I mess up the axle by changing the cassette? Did I improperly install the.cassette? It doesnt make sense to me.

Hexington11 04-19-19 07:58 PM

I trued the wheel and made some adjustments with the bearings, also re zip tied the derailleur housing underneath the chain stay and the rubbing noise disappeared. Thank you all so much for the knowledge and suggestions.

Slightspeed 04-19-19 10:53 PM

Is the wheel straight in the dropouts? Just a little out of whack can slip even a little and cause a tire rub. As you installed the cassette, are you sure the QR in properly tightened?

krecik 04-20-19 01:15 PM

Most likely, the wheel is positioned unevenly in the dropouts. If everything was fine just recently then it's unlikely to be the fault of wheel true. The other possiblility is a broken axle like others have suggested. Also, sometimes wheels have spacers on the axles to ensure central fit. If you have some on your wheels, the solution could be to simply swap them around. Mismounting parts after disassembly is a common issue.

Hope this helps.

Kret :)

Trinity Pratt 04-21-19 07:22 AM

Did the new cassette have more cogs than the old? When I got my Wilier last summer, I replaced a 10 with an 11. It was okay, but the tire ran very close to the left chainstay, and would rub at times under tension (pedalling). Had already been through this after changing cassettes on my MTB last year, LBS mechanic said the wheel needed redishing. Was able to do it with the wheel on the bike, loosen the non-drive-side spokes and tighten the drive-side, all the way around. The MTB works, have ridden some tough single track stuff and it's been great. So just a few days ago, actually, got around to trying the same fix with my Wilier. Totally unscientific, I know, but went around the wheel loosening the NDS nipples 1/2 turn, then around again tightening the DS side 1/2. Have ridden nearly 100 miles since, including a metric yesterday with a mountain climb midpoint. The tire runs 1/4 inch clear of the chainstay now and all is well. This is with 23s on this wheelset, btw ... I doubt I could have even spun the wheel with anything fatter before.

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