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cs1 04-21-19 04:17 AM

Crankset Thread Tap
Does anyone know if what size threads the dust cap is on a standard crank and can you buy a tap to clean out one thatís in need of it?

JohnDThompson 04-21-19 06:58 AM

The vast majority are 22mm x 1mm, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Bicycle Research used to make a thread chaser for this purpose. Probably more cost-effective than sourcing a 22 x 1 bottoming tap.

Andrew R Stewart 04-21-19 08:23 AM

cs1- If this were 20 years ago you could have come into my shop on Coventry Rd and we would have offered to chase your crank extractor threads with that very tool. If yo should come across one make sure to attach the pilot shaft first. It's easy to cross thread the chaser tool if you're not careful. Andy (who is now 4 hours east of Cleveland)

Andrew R Stewart 04-21-19 08:25 AM

I forgot that JA Stein has offered a tool set that reams then over sizes the thread and includes the now needed oversized extractor. Andy

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