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bike-izle 05-14-19 06:01 PM

Cable stops don't screw on all the way...
It's on my new All City Mr. Pink frame. They screw on most of the way and then get stuck, and I don't want to tighten any more. It looks like there's "blobby" paint at the base of the downtube bosses. Anybody have experience with this?

Mr. Pinks would just take normal cable stops right? I should maybe try and remove the extra paint?


Iride01 05-15-19 07:58 AM

Cable stops? You talking about the cable adjustment screw on the downtube for the shifter? Or somewhere else?

If the cable adjustment screw, then it's not supposed to be tightened. It's for minor adjustments of the cable tension. When all else is correct, it should have a few turns left in it before bottoming out whether that is on the blobs of paint or on bare metal.

HillRider 05-15-19 08:20 AM

That bike seems to have the old-style downtube cable stops that Shimano provided with every STI group. Are you describing the bolt that fastens the cable stop to the frame or the adjustment thimble that the cable housing actually sits in?

fietsbob 05-15-19 12:17 PM

If so, find a shorter bolt .. button head type look nice there..

bike-izle 05-15-19 11:35 PM

To clarify: it's the cable stop mechanism (that tensions the shift cables). They don't slide onto the downtube bosses all the way (i.e. there's a small gap between them and the frame). I'm not talking about the bolt that tightens them down (and not the cable tension screw either).

There appears to be thick/sloppy paint at the base of the bosses preventing a clean/complete fit, but I'm not 100% sure that's the case. I'm kinda afraid to start removing paint to get these on LOL

rccardr 05-16-19 06:44 AM

Not unusual to have to sand away some paint on the square downtube braze-ons to get shifters or cable stops to fit. I use a brass brush wheel on a Dremel tool to remove the excess paint, but you can do the same thing CAREFULLY by hand with a flat file, nail file, or sandpaper on a popsicle stick. Just don't hit the paint on the frame tube.

HillRider 05-16-19 06:58 AM

As long as the bolts snugs them down firmly and they don't wiggle, the gap isn't a problem. Those adjusters see very little load.

Iride01 05-16-19 11:29 AM

Okay, now I think I understand better. I wouldn't want to sand or pick away at anything embedded in the paint on the downtube either. Perhaps you could take a piece of an old thin inner tube and cut a gasket that will make the annoying gaps disappear.

If you do sand, then probably should at least clear coat it in that area. If you don't sand through the paint entirely, the clear coat will or should bring back much of the color and it'll not be too noticeable.

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