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prairiepedaler 09-19-19 08:36 PM

Fitting a 14mm axle to 10mm Dropout
I had thought about using a heavy duty wheel off a cargo bike but the axle thickness is 14mm in dia. I doubt cones exist which will accept a 10mm axle yet still mate to the races. Therefore, I was thinking an axle filedown to 10mm thickness might work. The filing width would equal the dropout thickness, +/- lateral tightening play. The drops on the frame are vertical. Would this work? Input welcomed...!

WizardOfBoz 09-19-19 10:45 PM

If the axle is solid, the proper tool to turn it down is a lathe. But you end up with a sharp inside corner which is a stress riser. So you could end up with a pretty weak axle.

What holds the axle to the frame? If you need threading then much better to both turn it down and cut threads with a lathe.

Andrew R Stewart 09-20-19 08:26 AM

No need to go to the trouble of removing the axle, setting up someone's lathe and then removing more material then needed. Just file down two flats on the axle where it would be inside the dropout slots. No more, no less, and done with axle in the hub. I've done this a number of times over the years, although more often on front axles. Remember that there are, perhaps, many tens of thousands of Sturmey Archer IGH hubs with factory done flats on the axle and we don't see these axles breaking (I think I can say I have never seem a broken SA axle although I'm sure there is at least one that has:)) Andy

prairiepedaler 09-21-19 06:49 PM

Hello Bob and Andy... thank you for the input on the matter. I have the wheel at home now and upon closer inspection this hub uses press fit replaceable bearings. Hmmm. Possibilities may have just opened up. I should (hope to) be able to find a bearing with the same O.D. as the original and an I.D. to match a 10mm replacement axle. This 14mm axle is hollow, yet allows for being nutted on too.

Andrew R Stewart 09-21-19 10:50 PM

With holding detail is a Click and Clack crime:) Andy

prairiepedaler 09-22-19 08:49 AM

Sorry about that Andy... I only had a poor picture to go on when I started the thread and had to make some kind of decision whether or not to bother picking it up based on the potential for modification. There isn't much detailed info online about this wheel so I just figured it had cones/races. It uses a freewheel, interestingly. I'll post a few photos when I can. The wheel comes off a Yuba Mundo. The fellow had replaced the stock wheel with one laced to a Nuvinci hub so this stock one was simply kicking around.

prairiepedaler 10-06-19 07:46 AM

BTW, I noticed that the Nuvinci hub axles are also shaved parallel on opposite sides, like the Sturmey.

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