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Genaro 12-04-19 10:02 AM

Thanks in advance... Broken FSA SLK-Light left crank arm
Not sure how it ha penned, but my left crank arm appears to have become separated from the retaining ring. Appears to be toast. I am in the market for a new bike and only intend to ride this bike in the pain cave, so I would like a cheap replacement crankarm but dont know what is compatible. The Bottom bracket is BB8681 MEGA EXO w/24 mm spindle..(Not sure if that helps)

Thanks in advance.

tomtomtom123 12-04-19 10:35 AM

Well, a 1 minute Google Search came up with a thread on bikeradar forum saying that someone was able to use Shimano hollowtech BB with the FSA SLK MEGA EXO crank.

Shimano hollowtech road BB is approximately 91mm overall width. The road cups are each about 11.5mm width to the dust cap, so on a 68mm shell, 68+11.5x2 = approximately 91mm.
MTB BB cups are each 1mm narrower if you need to get the chainline closer inward (or use shims on the chainrings).

You can measure your FSA BB to see if it is also 91mm overall width. I think +/-1mm variance should be ok. You could always shim the spindle if the BB is too narrow (but I myself wouldn't add more than 1mm). Assuming that your FSA BB is 91mm width and the 24mm spindle tolerance is the same as Shimano's 24mm spindle, you could try and find some cheap or used Shimano hollowtech cranks. Some of the cheap new ones sell for $50.

Otherwise, you can buy cheap Hollowtech road BB for under $10, assuming that you have BSA 68mm shell.

Genaro 12-04-19 10:44 AM

Thanks TomTom - Appreciate the help. A lot of good information for me to digest.

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