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amerikaner 12-23-19 01:39 PM

Trek Emonda ALR Fork Compression Plug
Anyone have a 2019/20 Trek Emonda ALR? Bought a used frameset, didn't have a compression plug. Does anyone have a pic of the original Trek one? I contacted Trek, but they said there is no part number as it comes with their forks and that I can go to my LBS and file a claim to replace it...but since I'm not the first owner there is no warranty. So, I'm taking their response as a brush off. Also, my local Trek dealers haven't been too helpful for parts in the past. Anyways, any recommendations on a good aftermarket one?

Buzzkill53120 12-23-19 03:09 PM

So the dealer(s) couldn't recommend a replacement plug for you? I don't believe Trek uses a custom plug design for their forks. Measure the inside diameter of the fork steerer (typically 1-1/8") and look for one online.

mpetry912 12-23-19 04:02 PM

these parts are all over ebay. Looks like FSA makes a nice one.

Mark Petry
Bainbridge Island, WA USA

amerikaner 12-27-19 12:03 AM

Contacted Trek directly and they don't sell the plug itself but recommended the FSA HD4666. Makes me wonder who makes it for them...I did some further research on ebay and Amazon and there was one seller (Wheels and Sprockets) that noted a "Trek" compression plug. Based on the few pictures I found on the web of Emonda ALR forks, it looks like a match. Ordered it through Amazon since I had a gift cart and now that ebay charges tax now there's no benefit. Anyway, it should be here Friday. I'll post some pics for reference once I get it. Though, they plug looks a bit short.

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