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FordTrax 01-25-20 10:59 AM

Recommend a SILVER Integrated Headset - Campy Spec
For my steel frame build I need a quality Integrated Headset in Silver. It is a nice frame I have picked up a number of silver components including a lovely Sugine Alpina crankset.

Integrated headset and I was told it is a campy style headset - which I guess means it has the 45* angle on the bearings??. It is a 1 1/8" steer tube. I believe it is an S.H.I.S.: IS 42/28.6|IS42/30. So I guess I need 42mm at the cups in the headtube.

I tried Hope and they said they don't make what I need in any color. CC 110s which is my go to appear to be black only. I am kind of OCD about everything on my bike matching so I really want to stay with silver.


3alarmer 01-25-20 11:28 AM need to provide more specific information about the frame and what it requires in an integrated headset. Generally speaking, integrated headsets are pretty frame specific, so no one can answer your question here without some more information on what it is you seek. I can tell you that most of those colored headsets are silver under the anodizing (or paint). But I'd recommend against removal just to satisfy some misplaced OCD.

From your description, I suspect it's not an integrated headset you really need. But I can't tell for certain.

FordTrax 01-25-20 11:52 AM

It is an Electric Blue Fairdale Goodship Frame. Never built.

Looking at the Fairdale website they sell the built electric blue Goodship with a FSA Impact Pro Internal Headset. The specs on the FSA Impact Pro Internal Headset are:
  • Headset Type: Internal
  • Crown Race: 30mm
  • S.H.I.S Lower: IS42
  • S.H.I.S Upper: IS42
  • S.H.I.S. Stem Clamp Diameter: 28.6
  • 45/45 degree angular contact bearings

3alarmer 01-25-20 12:14 PM

...I don't know enough about internal headsets to tell you if there's an alternative for this. In general, with something like that I just go with the manufacturer's specified headset. Sorry.

Welshboy 01-25-20 12:15 PM

As it won't be visible does it matter?

Nice frame btw.

brian3069 01-25-20 12:52 PM

Would this work?

FordTrax 01-25-20 04:42 PM

CC Drop4
I did not think CC made Inegrated headsets. But it looks like they do. I shot them an e-mail to see if that would work. They have a great selection of colors including silver. Thanks.

jbucky1 01-25-20 11:37 PM

Originally Posted by brian3069 (Post 21299425)

Beat me to it 42/42 - great headset


ig : jbucky1

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