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jzsoup 05-26-20 09:41 AM

Advantages of 12 speed over 10 speed with Wolf Tooth????
I'm paralyzed and ride a handcycle. I converted it to 1x10 with a sunrace cassette with 50 tooth low gear and added a Wolf Tooth Roadlink. For a while it worked just fine; after a summer I replaced the rear derailleur cause I stripped out the b screw. With the new derailleur (SRAM GX) it worked great for about 3 weeks. Now I can get it to shift well on the low 3 gears or the high 5 gears, but I can't have both at the same time.

I'm wondering if converting to 12 speed would get rid of needing to use the Roadlink...???? I realize I would need to use a cassette that could fit on my 135mm hub & frame, and replace chains (I'll need to link 2 of them together, derail, and shifter.

Is this a good idea? Is there a better idea I haven't thought of?

Iride01 05-26-20 10:03 AM

12 speed systems can handle usually handle the smallest tooth count and the largest tooth count more often than not. However I think they tend to be 1x systems because of the amount of chain they'd have to be able to take up and maybe some other design issues.

Being 1x, if you need a lot of gear ratios that are between the biggest and small, then you will miss them. Though I use my the full range of my rear 11 speed cassette before typically shifting the front on my 2x, effectively using it as a 1x. I do find that if I want to maintain a comfortable pace on a group ride that I'll sometimes need a particular ratio on the other ring.

jzsoup 05-26-20 10:16 AM

I should have boiled it down and asked more directly.

Will using a 12 speed system be more reliable than 10 speed (with similar gearing) with a roadlink?

Bill Kapaun 05-26-20 10:50 AM

If it worked "fine" before, I'd think you have a cable/housing friction issue.

Spendy, but this might give you the option of using a much closer spaced cassette having 2 "speeds".

cpach 05-26-20 11:52 AM

A native 12 speed system designed for a wide range cassette will probably work a little better and obviously have slightly smaller gear steps. Sram's NX level Eagle cassette will fit your hub, as will 12 speed Sunrace cassettes.

jzsoup 06-07-20 07:42 PM

[QUOTE=Bill Kapaun;21497993]If it worked "fine" before, I'd think you have a cable/housing friction issue.

I finally pulled the cable and housing. The housing end that goes in the derail was fine. The end that goes into the shifter was a total mess! The brake and shift cables are zip locked together and have a spring around them to help hold them off the chain as I pedal, so I had never removed this portion to check it out before. It looked like instead of cutting the housing to length, it was pulled apart to length. The housing strands were all different lengths. Additionally, the cable had a kink in it; I replaced both and it shifts so much better! And the actuation is so light and smooth now!

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