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Berge20 06-26-20 08:49 AM

Carbon Seat Post in Aluminum Frame
I've decided to add a carbon seat post to my aluminium frame; previously it was an aluminum seat post. How important is it (and what's the best/recommended way) to remove whatever grease was in there before using the non-slip compounds like a Park Tool SAC2 Supergrip or similar to help secure the new seat post?


FastJake 06-26-20 08:51 AM

If it slips, you'll know... Sticking a rag down the seat tube with some alcohol should be good enough to wipe away the grease. Keep in mind the clamping area is near the top of the seat tube, so you don't need to go crazy.

ljsense 06-26-20 10:36 AM

Yeah, you don't need to be too stressed about this. The medium for the non-slip compound is pretty much like grease anyway. Plenty of people have successfully just used regular grease on a carbon post in an alloy frame, and it's been ok.

winston63 06-26-20 11:22 AM

I've added a carbon seat post to an aluminum frame - I did as suggested above and used a rag with some rubbing alcohol to remove existing grease then applied whatever compound it was my LBS sold me. It wasn't a difficult swap to make.

I did invest in a quality torque wrench though. I was concerned about over tightening the seat post clamp and damaging the seat post (which wasn't cheap)

woodcraft 06-26-20 11:59 AM

Fiber-grip stuff is not automatically needed for CF parts-

use it there's an issue.

GeneO 06-26-20 02:27 PM

Make sure the collar is suitable. Some older/ cheaper collars are not made for CF and can exert uneven forces around the post.

Andrew R Stewart 06-26-20 05:47 PM

Rag wrapped/hooks over a long screwdriver to wipe clean the ST ID. Andy

Berge20 06-27-20 08:02 AM

Thank you all; good points/tips.

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