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Jbrichar 07-06-20 08:31 PM

New crank set and cassette help
Stripped down a trek 930 frame and going to get it powder coated. I want to rebuild it into a nice hybrid with Deore parts. Obviously the 3 x 7 original configuration is no longer and thinking of going to a 2 X 10 instead with corresponding derailleurs and shifters.

What issues will I run into? Bottom Bracket conversion? Enough space on the rear wheel to go to 10?


DOS 07-07-20 04:24 PM

BB depends on what cranks you want to use but shouldn’t be an issue as long as you match up BB and cranks. As for rear spacing, all depends on what the current spacing of the dropouts is. But steel frames are pretty friendly to cold setting.

Andrew R Stewart 07-07-20 08:19 PM

One issue recently in a thread here is the chain stay clearance with a double's inner ring. Do your homework and confirm any new purchase can be returned if you do the install. Andy

The_Joe 07-10-20 04:14 AM

All good info mentioned above. You'll likely (definitely?) need a new rear wheel as your 7 speed freehub will be a bit too short for a 10 speed cassette.

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