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James1964 02-02-21 12:05 PM

Cyclo 64 FW removal - will Suntour tool work?
Can a Suntour two-pronged freewheel tool be used to remove a Cyclo 64 notched freewheel?

The Cyclo 64 freewheel is on a Nuovo Tipo hub and has never been removed since the bike was purchased new in 1970. The two prongs on my Suntour freewheel removal tool fit into the notches of the Cyclo freewheel, however the thickness of the prongs is only about half that of the notches. The removal tool was made by Suntour, is made of hard tool steel, and in very good condition.

I've seen the VAR 188 removal tool on the Web, however no one seems to sell it in the USA.

Andrew R Stewart 02-02-21 12:32 PM

I don't think so. I think you'll find that the two notches are just not quite right to match up between the two brands. This can easily lead to the freewheel or tool becoming damaged during the removal attempt. With no location listed I can't suggest local options of a LBS that might have a good selection of tools. If that wheel were to be brought into where I work I would bring in the proper tool the next time I worked.

Have you tired Mel Pinto Imports ? If you're OK with tossing the freewheel you could remove the threaded bearing race (on the core's outer end and left hand threaded typically needing a hammer and punch to loosen) and pull the outer portion of the body with the cogs from the inner portion of the body. Then grab the inner portion with a pipe wrench and loosen away. Andy

Bill Kapaun 02-02-21 12:54 PM

Just to add a bit to Andy's response-
I've broken The Sun Tour tool on a properly fitting Sun Tour FW.
An improperly fitting tool is pretty much asking for breakage on something.

James1964 02-02-21 01:17 PM

Thanks for your fast response.

I sent Mel Pinto a message asking about a retailer who might sell the VAR 188 tool (RL-18800). I have bad memories from decades ago of freewheel notches and/or tools stripping out when trying to remove them. Often the metal was too soft and gave way. Anyone know of a shop near Columbus OH that might have this tool? I tried a few without success. Thanks

Andrew R Stewart 02-02-21 03:21 PM

Is Bicycle 1 still around? When I had my Cleveland shop (1985-2000) they and us traded a number of miss addressed parts shipments. At that time they seemed to have been around for a while, and that's waht you're looking for, an older shop. The other possible resource might be Franklin Bicycles. While Jack is mostly doing paint and some frame work he is well known for helping out on restorations.

I take it the goal is to save both hub and freewheel? Andy

AeroGut 02-02-21 04:16 PM

Have you checked with a Third hand co-op? Co-ops often have old tools like that that have come in with donations and are useful for the old bikes they work on.
As a last resort, you can get one on eBay, but they’re expensive

JohnDThompson 02-04-21 09:13 AM

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Sutherland's (4th edition) suggests the VAR-188 or Kingsbridge-100 for the Cyclo-64 freewheel.

70sSanO 02-04-21 08:44 PM

Here you go...

It is from Greece so it may take a few weeks longer to get it, but after 50 years that might not be an issue.


3alarmer 02-04-21 09:23 PM

Originally Posted by 70sSanO (Post 21910293)
Here you go...

It is from Greece so it may take a few weeks longer to get it, but after 50 years that might not be an issue.


...I actually have one of those tools, and most of the Cyclo freewheels I've run into were so stuck on the hub that I ended up doing a destructive removal anyway. Just sayin'.

Ferrouscious 02-04-21 10:38 PM

Call up K&G in Xenia, OH. They've been around since at least the 70's or 80's. That's your best chance IMO. Or Roger at I-Pro.

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