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hashem 04-14-21 11:04 AM

Appropriate calipers for Shimano RSX levers?
I have a late 80s/early90s Peugout PE300. I am looking to replace the brake calipers. I was wondering which Shimano calipers would be a good match with the Shimano RSX (dual control) Levers that are on the bike?

I was looking at the BR-R451, BR-R2000, and BR-R3000. Would any of these be a good match?


rccardr 04-14-21 11:52 AM

Any Shimano or Tektro caliper made after 1987 should work just fine. Almost all of them are dual pivot as well. There are also some Tektro manufactured Cannondale ones out there.
There are some differences in lever/caliper pull with some of the very latest Shimano calipers but I would personally consider those minor and not a reason for exclusion from considerarion.

Andrew R Stewart 04-14-21 08:31 PM

Shimano has made a lot of money saying that this lever must be paired with that caliper. In reality the issues are about modulation, leverage (what most call power although it's really removing energy) and the feel of the lever under application. Since all this is fed through humans and we have vast differences in hand size, strength, skills and such there's a lot of variation of perceived "working".

I do agree with rccardr in that avoiding the earliest levers with the latest calipers is a good suggestion as that combo is pairing at the extremes of the above factors. Andy

Retro Grouch 04-15-21 07:15 PM

The real issue you probably need to concern yourself with is "reach". Measure in millimeters the vertical distance between the brake mounting hole and the braking surface of your rim. That's how much reach your brake calipers need.

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