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Bacciagalupe 07-16-21 05:17 PM

Argh... Can't find this part
Deep in the misty recesses of the past (2014 I think), I bought a road bike that had a plastic piece which you put under the bar tape, which makes the tops a bit flatter and, IMO, more comfortable.

The closest thing I'm seeing is the Redshift Cruise Control (see below), but that seems a bit too much. The ones I have are much smaller.

Anyone know what those things are called, and whether they are still available?

Andrew R Stewart 07-16-21 06:12 PM

Back in the very late 1970s, or 1980ish, there was a formed hard plastic drop bar grip called "Morgan Grips". We called them moron grips, not PC in today's view. They were a pain to install as they slid about until glued in place. They increased the length of bar wrap needed to fully cover the bars. Of course this was years before under tape cable routing was the thing. Andy

Iride01 07-17-21 09:28 AM

It's written on them. Don't you know how to Google, Bing, or Yahoo? Even an oldster should remember Archie or Webcrawler.

Cheaper here, but that version is out of stock....

EDIT: Oops..... I really should read carefully and several times the entire post before I reply!

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