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Fendertele 08-07-21 05:08 AM

Ergon GP5
Iíve ordered these for my wifeís 2019 Verve 2. Will they fit on Treks OEM handle bar?

Jeff Neese 08-07-21 07:05 AM

They fit on standard flat bars. I have three sets of them, on two of my bikes and also my wife's.

MrWasabi 08-07-21 11:40 AM

There is a thread over in the hybrid forum where Ergon stated that they won't fit the IsoZone bars. Not sure what bars your wife's Verve 2 have.

I have GP5 Biocork grips on my Traverse and like them a lot. I may move to a GP3 though as I don't think I need that much bar end for my purposes.

veganbikes 08-07-21 03:48 PM

Love my Ergons but not sure about Trek stuff but I could easily see Trek trying to further push you towards their grips with proprietary B.S. However a handle bar should be a dang handlebar and fit normal stuff if not find a shop that is not trek and can sell you the right handle bar and you can just move everything over and use whatever dang grips you want : )

Fendertele 08-07-21 05:42 PM

These delivered today and I just installed them on the Verve OEM handlebars. Uneventful and easy install. Iíll post a comment in the hybrid forum after my wife gets a ride with them.

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