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bikefun12 08-09-21 10:15 AM

Help to remove broken crank for a novice
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I am trying to update my child's old bike to an electric bike for a trip.
I bought a crank remover this did not work so I used a disk to remove the pedal
please lock at the pictures how do I remove the crank, please.

I really appreciate your HELP.

Thank you ALL.

ClydeClydeson 08-09-21 10:22 AM

The correct tool to get the crank bolt out is an 8mm hex wrench (allen key).

Now you need a bottom bracket spline tool. This will engage the splines of the cup holding the bottom bracket (shaft and bearings) in the frame. then you need to remove the other crank arm (this time with an 8mm allen key to remove the bolt and crank puller to pull the arm off the spindle. An angle grinder is not the correct tool) and remove the cup from the other side.

NB the left cup that you already have access to is RH threads, so normal counter-clockwise to remove, and the right side (drive side) has reverse threads, so is clockwise to remove.

bikefun12 08-09-21 10:26 AM

Thank you, for your fast reaponse this really helps.

squirtdad 08-09-21 12:28 PM

I think if the first tool you reach for is a cut off disk, you probably should not be doing any wrenching on bikes. And asking about what tool to use for a hex bolt also suggests the same.

at this point you have destroyed the spindle and will at minimum need to replace You need to remove the drive side crank, and then the bottom bracket as noted earlier. then figure our your replacements

csport 08-09-21 04:45 PM

Links to some of the mentioned tools:
hex wrench -- obvious -- crank puller -- bottom bracket remover
These are made by Park Tools, there exist cheaper ones which are compatible with the standard.

bikefun12 08-09-21 11:37 PM

Everything fixed fun to learn new skills in life thank you for your help appreciate supper happy.

bikefun12 08-09-21 11:38 PM

Thanks for your response all is fixed and working removed successfully with the correct tools.

bikefun12 08-09-21 11:40 PM

Thank you for your support.

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