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Cnote1 01-19-22 12:49 PM

Campy SuperRecord 11 speed group mix with 12?
With the inability of sourcing cassettes (11-29) for 11 speed is it possible to change the shifting rachet to 12 speed then install a 12-speed cassette? From what I"ve learned its quite common that the shifting with 11 Super Record is less than smooth, to say the least .


Iride01 01-19-22 02:50 PM

Your indexed shifters and DR will expect the cogs on the back to be spaced for 11 cogs, not 12. So your shifts will probably be lousy.

If you also plan to change out to 12 speed shifters, DR's, chain and the hub/freehub or the entire wheel, then I suppose you can just change it to a 12 speed cassette.

Whether or not a new freehub body is needed to fit a campy 12 speed cassette, I've not get a clue. Nor do I know if the model of your hub will let you change out the freehub to a different freehub body. Sometimes it's easier to buy a entire new wheel. Or get a new hub laced to that wheel.

Anything else is just your experiment. Let us know how it goes.

And... welcome to BF!

CliffordK 01-19-22 04:19 PM

Campagnolo used to sell ratchets for the downtube shifters and bar end shifters to fit a variety of applications.

I haven't seen that available with the newer brake/shifters.

Iride01 01-20-22 11:46 AM

Cnote1 Your turn!

Cnote1 01-20-22 08:10 PM

No luck
No local shops recommend any mix betweend 11 derail and 12 cassette. Not like the old days when I was able to change the shifting rachet on a record 9 speed to 10 that worked just fine.

Thanks for the input

easyupbug 01-21-22 07:51 AM

Originally Posted by Cnote1 (Post 22379873)
With the inability of sourcing cassettes (11-29) for 11 speed ...

My son-in-law got a Chorus 11 speed 11-29 from Bikeinn for $140, I just looked they have them listed as in stock.

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