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pstock 04-21-22 04:54 PM

rubber wheel boot is rubbing
I noticed that my rear wheel was dragging, seemed to have too hight friction.
I was going to disassemble and repack it but I notice that the cause of the drag is this rubber dust boot.
Off, the axle spins very easily. On the rubber boot seems to be rubbing up against the hub flange.
OR maybe the boot is binding on the axle (which should stay stationary). it does seem to be a very snug fit at the outer nut. maybe that is spaced incorrectly.
it's a cheap wheel but it's the only 135 spaced rear wheel I have so I would like to use it.

what might the problem be here?
1. is the boot supposed to spin freely with the wheel (and so NOT bind to the axle)?
2. or is the boot supposed to stick to the axle assembly and not spin.?

thinking about it I suspect #1 is correct. and so I have to figure out how the axle to spin free of the rubber boot

KCT1986 04-21-22 06:56 PM

The Shimano ones have the boot fixed on the axle/cone, and thus the hub rotates on the boot. It does have some drag.

Clean the edge of the boot and the inner ring where it run. On the plus side, these seals work well for keeping dust out. If resistance is an issue, you may be able to ditch it, especially if there is another seal on the cone or spacer.

Andrew R Stewart 04-21-22 06:59 PM

Sometimes the boot spins on the axle, sometimes is stationary. Depends on the relative friction between it and either the axle or hub shell. When it stays put on the axle sometimes it will emit a squeak/eek like sound, we call that a seal clapping:). A drop of oil at the interface shuts that up.

I have to admit not remembering any of this type of external non drive side seal having enough friction to be noticed with a wheel spin down, and a lot (as in a real lot) of current bikes have this feature in one form or another.

I do wonder about where the friction is really coming from. Have you removed the boot and reinstalled the wheel to see "in the field" how the wheel feels? Could the hub bearing pre load be increasing enough, from the QR skewer's force, to bind the bearing when the wheel is secured but not when the wheel is out of the frame? Andy

BTW keep an eye out on the CR list for a Buffalo area ride with some friends soon. I hope Keith can show up.

Russ Roth 04-21-22 09:04 PM

Seen this plenty of times with new bike builds where there's a bit of friction in the seal causing a noticeable slowdown, as Andrew Stewart, pull the seal back slightly and drop a little lube in there. Do clean it first, isn't a big deal and better to have it there than the contamination that could get in.

alcjphil 04-21-22 11:06 PM

I had a set of wheels with this type of rubber seal. Yes, on the workstand you would see that the wheel would slow down faster than a wheel without the seal. In practice while riding you would never notice it and be thankful that the rubber boot was keeping dirt and water out of the bearings just as it was supposed to do

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