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Rick 07-04-22 10:26 AM

enviolo cvt wheel build
I am building a wheel with the enviolo hub. They have a spoke calculator that allows for the entry of the ERD and the spoke cross only. they make this hub with 135/142/148 dropouts. It appears that they have left some bit of info out. I am not trusting of their spoke calculator. Does anybody have experience with this. I just want to calculate the spoke length and when I email their support they are not helping.

Andrew R Stewart 07-04-22 03:58 PM

Are you unable to measure the hub's specs and then use any widely available calculator? The drop out width has no contribution to spoke lengths. Flange spread and flange to center yes.

Whenever calculating spoke lengths with parts that are not in hand a certain amount of dice rolling has to be acceptable, if not, then wait till all in on hand and directly measure. Andy

Rick 07-04-22 04:55 PM

On the support page for wheel building They say to use this tool for the 148 hub to obtain the proper dish of the wheel. I have ordered one of these tools. I have measured and also looked at the draying of this hub. When I run this info through the spoke length calculators, I have a spoke length 6mm longer than the enviolo spoke calculator.

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