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ShannonM 08-12-22 08:09 PM

Correct pads for Dia-Compe QS-400N holders
(This is a cross-post from C&V, where I surprisingly got no answers. If that's a no-no, feel free to remove it.)

My '85 League Fuji's brake pads are... 37 years old, and mostly gone.

Kool Stop salmons are the way to go, but the calipers are an OEM Dia Compe set, QS 400N per the catalog. The holders look like the usual Dia Compe / Suntour 4-closed-side holders with wheel guides.

If the holders are the same as the ones on Suntour-branded brakes, then the KS-SBSA are the right pads, correct?

At 25 bucks plus shipping, I'd hate to be wrong.


Andrew R Stewart 08-12-22 09:08 PM

One can always get a pad/shoe combo and avoid the pad/shoe fit aspect. Most of the DC/SunTour/Weinmann shoes use the same pad fit. Perhaps there's a LBS near you that you could order the pads from and have them take the risk of fit. Andy

Crankycrank 08-13-22 08:08 AM

Pull out the pads and measure the dimensions of where they fit in the holders. Kool-Stop gives measurements for the KS-SBSA and others if those aren't the right size. Kool Stop International - High Performance Bicycle Brake Pads Since 1977

dedhed 08-13-22 08:38 AM

Something like that I just throw Kool Stop Continentals on

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