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setting up a new bike

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setting up a new bike

Old 11-13-22, 04:30 PM
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setting up a new bike

recently reminded of all the things I like to do to set up a bike for my use
yes the functional things to check & or adjust for basic full function
but I was meaning, what makes it yours?
stuff like saddle, pedals, pump, computer mount, rack or bag(s), light & reflector mounts, kickstand, fenders & the myriad of tire choices

what are your top 5 or so?
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Old 11-13-22, 05:02 PM
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I have 5 bikes and all 5 have been fitted with:

1) AirZound Airhorn
2) Padded Handlebars
3) "Mouse Trap" Toe Clips
4) Wider Gear Range, Lower and Higher (Except the 2006 Felt, although lower gears are in the planning stages)
5) Initials and Phone Number Decals in multiple apparent and non-apparent locations for positive ID (should the need arise)

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Old 11-13-22, 05:16 PM
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Seat--if it's a torture device, you won't want to ride, nothing else will matter much. Seat height and fore/aft adjustment. Stem length/rise, so the reach feels comfortable..
Brake levers positions and if flat bar with separate shifters-position for those. Crank arm length (I'm usually ok with what comes on the bike). Pedals--use what works for you--clipless, flats with pins or no pins, whatever. Tire pressure--you would think this would be a given, but I was surprised at how many "novice" riders just use the max listed on the tire. Probably some things I've not covered, but those are where I start. I'm figuring the rider has the correct size bike of course.
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Old 11-13-22, 05:48 PM
more daylight today!
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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
I was meaning, what makes it yours?
If I pay for it and intend for it to be used by me then it's mine. So not really much to do!
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Old 11-13-22, 05:52 PM
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I have switched out saddles and pedals, installed a Garmin mount. Upgraded tires or changed widths. That's about it.
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Old 11-13-22, 06:06 PM
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There's not really a common theme among my bikes, I build different machines to have different qualities, not to have more of the same. They do tend towards mudguards and pannier racks, but that's a habit I'm trying to break because I no longer commute by bike.
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Old 11-13-22, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
... what makes it yours?
1. Colorful bar tape and finishing tape that do not match any other component, making my fellow cyclists question whether I am colorblind.
2. Matte grey chain rings with black crank arms is kind of my signature. Yes, my aesthetic is whack.

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Old 11-13-22, 07:18 PM
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I so rarely have a bike I haven't built up from the frame up or have a co-worker do it because they are way better mechanics than I and have been doing it a lot longer so it is usually nothing special since it is good to go.

However my last bike I did upgrade handlebars/grips (if it has sweep Ergon GC1s I must peep and since they were Koga Denham bars I added some ESI silicone grips to the extensions), pedals, and I did upgrade the seatpost as well to a Kinekt but the saddle was stock because the saddle my rear end normally seems to love was well out of stock and I don't like pulling from another bike to satisfy this one and I AM GLAD I DIDN'T the stock saddle set up in the right position has worked really well for my rear end. Who would have thunk it seriously it is not a saddle I even would have considered.

I did add a Spurcycle bell to most of my stuff and usually some colored bits and bobs. In this case I put on a Fox 36 on that bike above but it wasn't necessary just vanity and some major functionality of course. I guess I have slowly added stuff to it to make it mine but really it has all been in the same sort of vein as just little minor upgrades to parts nothing to crazy. I guess a name decal was in order but I really haven't had a stock bike since my Surly Disc Trucker the other 10+ bikes have all been from the frame up mainly. Stock bikes just don't generally work for me and it just so happens the last one worked out only because I tried going custom and they actually couldn't do it all but the company I got this one from got really damn close and I am pretty glad I went with the stock bike for warranty purposes I have had a few minor issues that were quickly and easily taken care of that I may not have had on the custom bike but I would have been doing a little more work on that one.
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Old 11-13-22, 07:21 PM
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My last "complete" bike was bought in 1992. Since then I've only purchases bare frames and forks. That way I "make it mine" since I can, and have to, specify everything else to suit my needs. I have purchased complete "build kits" but these let me specify stem length, bar width, crank length, gearing, saddle model, etc. while still saving some money compared to individual component purchases.
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Old 11-13-22, 09:17 PM
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Flat tire repair tools and materials
Rear rack for panniers
Two water bottle cages
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Old 11-14-22, 11:45 AM
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I also like building the bikes myself.

I have just converted the Hardrock from threaded suspension fork to threadless rigid. Thinking of converting to drop bars as well.

It is a mechanics section, right? Shouldn't the answers to the original question suggest some major mechanical change?
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Old 11-14-22, 01:53 PM
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You already covered everything! as has everyone else. Primarily saddle and pedals, those two things you need for your comfort, a questionable primary thing, depending on the tires they put on from the factory, you might want wider tires for a more comfortable ride, or a different tread pattern that matches how you'll be riding it; a bike computer that does what you want a computer to do for you, but some people will have nothing to do with a computer; a different gear cluster to match your riding strengths and where you'll be riding the bike; outside of that just aesthetics, stuff like water bottle cages and bottles; maybe something different in the way of handlebar tape, perhaps to match the new saddle; a nice looking pump, one that actually works, which there are only maybe a half dozen that work and one of those works far better then the rest of those! Maybe you like full fenders, or half fenders, or just a small Ass Saver fender, or none at all; or some lights, even if you don't ride at night a very bright strobing front light and rear light used in the daytime could save your bacon. Anything beyond that I think is reserved for someone who has more money than they need and might spend it on expensive wheels, a different crank, a different fork, different derailleurs, etc.

If you bought the bike but haven't taken possession of the bike some bike shops will swap components and only charge you for the difference between the two. For example, when I bought my Lynskey I got it from Adrenaline Bikes, I asked about certain things and the guy there gave me his approval or disapproval, I wanted to swap wheels, but after he asked me some questions about where I ride he recommended not to because while they were a inexpensive wheelset they were very strong, and he was right, so far in 9 years of having the bike they have not gone out of true even the slightest; but he did agree with the headset swap from some lowend FSA to a Cane Creek 110; he also agreed with the 105 rear derailleur to a Ultegra, and he agreed with the Lynskey fork to a Enve 2.0; so all that was done for not a lot of money because they swapped out the parts and subtracted the original cost of the original part from the aftermarket parts. Like I said, some places will do that and some won't, when I bought my Masi 3 years ago they were unable to make any changes. But most privately owned bike shops can do that sort of thing, as long as you have not take possession of the bike, once you use the bike any swapping you think about later is gone.

Most of the time, and the most economical approach, a bike can be ridden straight from the factory with just a saddle and pedal change, everything else I consider to be wear items that you can replace as they wear for something more suitable for you; and other stuff is more accessory stuff that I don't consider doing to make your own, but rather doing because you need it. Even the saddle, if it's halfway decent, your butt could get use to it.
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