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36 Volt 12Ah SLA Battery Powered Bike

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36 Volt 12Ah SLA Battery Powered Bike


Old 08-29-05, 02:51 AM
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36 Volt 12Ah SLA Battery Powered Bike

Hi Folks,

Seems to me like this is THE place for the GEEK in us all to come out about all things BIKE!

I have just purchased an EV , yeah, an Electric Vehicle, also known as a PAB , yeah a Power Assisted Bicycle , an eBike E-Bike, you know a Motorised Motorized Cycle , keep up, it's simple ; I won't even confuse the matter by including the other few names that they go by, OK!

Now you know why I ended up on the best forum for bikes around..., because these EV's go by so many names they are almost impossible to track on the web when you need specifics but with all that searching, I kept finding the most intelligent answers right here on this forum !!!

In trying to find a vehicle that I didn't need a drivers licence to opperate but that was still as practicle as possible, I bought this machine:
If you think I am crazy, please remember I had some pretty tough restrictions to work withwin.
I madly searched the web for three days straight, comparing everything that would fit into the harsh, and I mean HARSH, Aussie restrictions, of what makes a PAB still remain a bicycle that doesn't require a licence or rego, (to give you an idea, it has to be UNDER 200W , yes < 200 Watts of power ) grrr : F**king Dumb**s Gover*m**t out-of-touch Bast**ds, who-have-never-ridden-a-bike-in-their-lives Di*witted rulemakers.
I can assure you a 200W bike would die in two minutes flat if it had to carry our Minister for Health around the block [pic here; http://i.cnn.net/cnn/2003/WORLD/asia...nstone.afp.jpg ]
(I think they have changed her portfolio to something else now, must have been too harsh a contradiction of terms!)

Anyway what I reckon you guys could be able to help me with, utilising GEEK factor plus, is setting up the power side of things as best as possible. She runs a 36 Volt 12Ah SLA Battery & I have read that if you have an Amp Meter you can regulate the power better as you ride with the peddle-Assist as you can monitor how much draw is on the motor at any given time.

Also I would love to know about any better technology that may be out there, to replace the SLA Battery with, in time to come. Maybe a gel - lead style battery, or something?

I am a newbie in this realm so all input is appreciated.


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Old 08-29-05, 05:11 AM
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SLA is hard to beat for cost, durability, and recharging simplicity. If you can toss the rack trunk and add another 36 volts back there you should be able to at least double the cruising range.
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Old 08-29-05, 06:38 AM
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Oh wow, you bought that one? You got ripped off. Check these prices:


You can buy just the 500W kit for $720 CDN (roughly equivalent to AUD, right?) and stick it in any old bike. Even a recumbent or trike, if you wanted to.

And I dunno about that 200W rule... I wonder, who's gonna bother you about it? I'm sure the cops have more important things to worry about, than whether some guy on a bike has a 200W or a 500W motor strapped to the wheel.

Besides, if you do get hassled, you could register it as a moped.
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Old 08-29-05, 07:58 AM
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With full suspension, it seems odd to mount the heavy battery so it adds to the unsprung weight. You should look for some way to mount it in the middle of the frame You will get a more comfortable ride and reduce the shock loading on the rear wheel when you hit bumps..
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