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eyefloater 03-31-06 10:56 PM

Trivial question about Park SA-3 shop apron
I work at a bike shop and thought the other day that it might be nice to offer patches w/ our store's logo on them (my ulterior motive is to cover up the Park Tool logo on my shop apron). Since I don't have it on hand at the moment but I'm checking prices online for embroidered patches, can someone measure the diameter of the patch and let me know the measurement? I've got my fingers crossed that there's still a go-getter online at midnight on a Friday (not holding my breath though).


- eyefloater

PS. Yes, I could just seam rip it off (hopefully) but I'd still like to cover up any nastiness that's left - who knows, there might be a market for these if they turn out well.

vw addict 04-01-06 07:57 AM

What do you have against Park?

wrench 04-01-06 11:52 AM

My Park shop aprons hava an embroidered logo which is 9cm across at its widest point.
Whatever turns you on bud.

eyefloater 04-01-06 06:11 PM

I don't have anything against Park. I just don't like logos on my stuff unless I'm being paid to have them there. From a personal standpoint, I'd rather have my shop's simple logo on the apron than some random company's. It's also a marketing possibility for the store if it looks good.

Thanks for the info.

- eyefloater

PS. I peel the lables off my rims. The logo came off the latest frame I bought too.
PPS. Park Tool killed my family. That's what I have against them. My ninja vengance will be swift, after I finish covering up that patch.

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