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rat_factory 04-15-06 10:08 PM

Pedal cones/axles
i picked up a parts bike the other day and it had some nice looking shimano 105 (PD-1050) toe clip pedals on it. I disassemble one and the spindle and cone is completely brinneled -- mud came out. Anyone know where I can get new parts? Will it even be worth it? I am quite fond of toe clips. (I ride approx 90% of my miles in them)

HillRider 04-16-06 07:20 AM

Try The Third Hand/Loose Screws for the parts. If the cups are ok and you can find new cones, repairing them is probably worthwhile. Otherwise, try to find a NOS pair of good quality quill or track pedals by scrounging through the bottom drawers of various older LBS's.

rat_factory 04-16-06 03:00 PM

i checked loose screws,, & googled the pedal & parts over again. I don't think anyone makes replacement anything for these, anymore, anyway. Since they were a bonus off an parts bike, I have already overhauled them with current worn parts. They are a bit rough, but lots better than when I got them. The pedal body so nice looking too.

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