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FarHorizon 07-04-06 03:39 AM

Tire recommendation needed 26x1.75 for ROAD
I'm looking for some 26x1.75" tires for road use only. I see that Kenda makes some, as do Panaracer and Continental. I'd prefer WTB Slickasaurus, but I don't think they make a 26x1.75, only a 26x1.5.

I'd appreciate recommendations. Thanks!

CHenry 07-04-06 03:40 AM

Specialized Nimbus EX.

FarHorizon 07-04-06 03:52 AM

Originally Posted by CHenry
Specialized Nimbus EX.

Thanks, CHenry - Specialized makes good stuff, but I see that the Nimbus series (like the WTB) is ONLY available in 26x1.5 size. I really want that extra quarter-inch of tire width. Any secondary recommendations?

Dogbait 07-04-06 12:59 PM

Continental City Contact

I use the Sport Contact in 700x32c on one of my fixed gear bikes. They are super tough and long wearing. They don't make a 26x1.75 but do make a 26x1.6.
Sport Contact

A little too much tread for me but in your size:

Country Ride


FarHorizon 07-04-06 01:19 PM

Originally Posted by Dogbait
...A little too much tread for me but in your size:
Country Ride Dogbait

Thanks much, Dogbait! The "Contact" tires seem about what I'm looking for. I'll Froogle'em and see what the market can do for me.

I appreciate the suggestions!

Rvl 07-04-06 05:14 PM

I have the Kenda 26x1.75 havent had any problems at 1000km


Robert VanLane

richc 07-04-06 07:37 PM

I use Continental City Contact 26x1.75 tires on my comfort bike. Very well-made tires, smooth rolling, absolutely no problems. Give them a try.

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