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geo8rge 07-04-06 12:09 PM

Ever have wobble in a freewheel cassette?
I have a shimano mega range 7sp (thread on) freewheel on a new Phil Wood hub. With the bike upside down, I spin the pedals and the sprockets have a noticable wobble. I can also feel the wobble when I press down on the largest sprocket.

I do not see much wobble with another wheel I have.

I probably put 5000 miles on it.

Is this a problem with the hub, cassette, freewheel. Should I buy a new freewheel?

I have the mege range type C

Jobst Brandt says it's ok, I think.

roughrider504 07-04-06 12:24 PM

Mine does that, it seems normal.

geo8rge 07-04-06 12:50 PM

Thanks I should have searched the forum and net before posting, but I could not believe it was a common thing. It seems so wrong.

Bikewer 07-04-06 12:55 PM

Most of the freehubs I have examined have at least a little out-of-round play, seems to be quite normal with the middle-of-the-road stuff. (I don't get to work on Dura-Ace and XTR very often)

top506 07-04-06 02:00 PM

CW is that it's actually off-center machineing on the hub threads. Hard to beleive with Phil.
FWIW, I have a brandy-new Shimano 11-28 "C" type that seems to have the least wobble of any freewheel in the family fleet at the moment.
(Riding on Cape Cod, where it's FLAT!)

jacksbike 07-04-06 10:17 PM

I disagree that it could be Phil's hub threads. I strongly believe that it is the freewheel body itself. This freewheel "float" is common although some are worse than others.

Philatio 07-04-06 10:37 PM

I have the 6 speed nashbar one and it wobbles a couple of millimeters every revolution. It makes it a little noisier (I think that's what is doing it) but it is functionally fine. I have trouble shooted to make sure it is the freewheel and not the hub or anything else FWIW.

rmfnla 07-05-06 07:00 AM

It's not off-center anything (sorry, Jobst).

Uncaged ball bearings have a little space (actually enough room for one more ball) in the assembled system to allow the balls to rotate freely. As the balls progress around the hub the space is constantly shifting, creating a little wobble.

It's normal.

DieselDan 07-05-06 07:03 AM

If a freehub body or freewheels DOESN'T wobble, it won't free wheel.

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