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onedave1201 07-05-06 10:23 AM

Frame prep for painting
To do it right, I think it needs to be bead blasted.

Anyone done it? How much should I expect to pay?

broomhandle 07-05-06 11:55 AM

blasting is the best route, or scratch it up as best as you can and make it smooth. sorry, i have never paid to have something blasted.

San Rensho 07-05-06 01:34 PM

If its steel, I would go with bead blasting. $25-40. I rattle canned my bike a couple of times after chemical stripping and I had rust come back. Had it bead blasted and no rust after over a year.

Also, prep the bare steel with a phosphoric acid etch (you can get it at auto body supply store) for better adhesion and rust prevention.

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