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DynamicD74 12-18-06 03:21 PM

This needs to be a sticky, please! Several of us, and that's a HUGE understatement, use Sheldon's site frequently.

blamp28 12-18-06 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by DynamicD74
This needs to be a sticky, please! Several of us, and that's a HUGE understatement, use Sheldon's site frequently.

I resemble that remark:rolleyes:

cuda2k 12-18-06 10:08 PM

This deserves a sticky.

Sheldon, your website is endlessly valuable to cyclists of every experience level and interest. And as a web designer, I can simply say I'm speachless at all of the work you've put into

mander 12-21-06 12:29 PM

Get better soon Sheldon!

Your site was the big impetus behind my recent fixed conversion build (and first bike build) and I consistently referred to it as the build progressed. I love that bike like crazy, and building it was so much fun and a great learning experience to boot. THANK YOU for the great info and for being such an all around positive force in cycling.

HardyWeinberg 12-21-06 04:38 PM

Would a shortcut to sanjos8 be too commercial? I am forever googling to that page so I can send it to people.

jagerk 12-23-06 10:06 PM

behold the wonder of excel's concatenate function...

Sheldon Brown 12-23-06 10:40 PM

Originally Posted by jagerk
behold the wonder of excel's concatenate function...

Behold the wonder of Word's search/replace function...

Sheldon "Don' Need No Steenkin' 'www.'s" Brown

jagerk 12-24-06 12:02 PM

Just pointing it out so you could update your original post :D

shakeNbake 12-24-06 04:04 PM

I don't think there is any cyclist on the internet that doesn't benefit from your webpage.

Rock on, Sheldon!

shakeNbake 12-26-06 10:12 PM


vw addict 12-29-06 06:53 AM

Remarkable. I unfortunately don't build wheels too often. But when I do I use Sheldon's wheelbuilding as a reference and the come out perfectly trued and tensioned everytime.

m_heimbinder 01-04-07 01:02 PM

Sheldon Brown Rocks! Thanks for all the great info on your website. It is indispensable.

AD-SLE 01-09-07 11:09 PM

Sheldon...your wonderful work inspired me to get off my A$$ and get back into bikes. I grew up next door to Harris when it was on the "south" side of the street by the Movie theatre. 30+ years later I was back at my parents house. No bike...except my Dad's original 1930 Raliegh sport he bought from Ben Olken at the BX....that many years ago. Being frisky and motivated by Sheldon's love of the bike, I put air in the original tyres and rode the 9 miles to the new shop on the North side of the street. Good for them, they were busy. Sonny was there. Busy which was good for all LBSs. Opted to not ask about Sheldon but know he would have loved to see a 75+ year old bike just rode on over....on original tyres!

Best wishes Sheldon. We are thinking of you and hope you are ready when the snow melts....if it ever comes!


BROCK SAMPSON 01-15-07 11:35 PM

Sheldon, you rules this earth!

alancw3 01-16-07 10:34 AM

sheldon brown=bicyling infromation. thanks for all the info on your websites and good luck with your medicals!!

lala 01-16-07 11:14 AM

Thanks, man!

I_Bike 01-16-07 11:25 AM

Thanks Sheldon! Many a day has been spent with me working on my bike next to a computer with your site up!!


silversmith 01-27-07 11:35 PM


Your work helped me get back into bikes when I was low on cash and could only afford fixer-uppers.

Getting back on bikes helped me lose 80 pounds and the prescription drugs I was using to lower my blood pressure.

You might say that you saved my life!

Best wishes, Sheldon. You are truly an inspiration.

Garandman 02-01-07 09:12 AM

Your site is awesome. But it needs more pictures of you with your Eagle helmet! And more cowbell!

In your honor I now only refer to "derailers."

boozergut 02-10-07 07:18 AM

Such simple but effective humor. I clicked on the flats section by

Sheldon Tssssss Brown and cracked up instantly........

thePest 02-27-07 11:31 PM

didn't see in his list


can think of more if these count

wayne pattee 03-06-07 02:25 PM

I've spent countless hours on Sheldon's website. Many thanks for all you've put into it.

calbars 04-15-07 11:05 PM

Like a lot of us, I've also spent countless hours on your web site. Very informative.

Prends soin de toi, ostie de tabarnak de caliss de pousseux de pédale à barbe. ;)


ridethecliche 06-06-07 10:12 AM

I can see the day that people start referring to repair manuals as a 'Sheldon Brown'.

Scenario: "I don't remember how to adjust my high limit screw on my RD, let me go grab my 'Sheldon Brown' so I can learn everything I need to know."

neil0502 06-06-07 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by ridethecliche
I don't remember how to adjust my high limit screw on my RD, let me go grab my 'Sheldon Brown'

You might want to buy him a beer first ;)

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